Burst Electric Toothbrush Review

Burst Electric Toothbrush Review : an elegant and appealing model that delivers top-tier features without breaking the bank. With an upscale look and activated charcoal bristles, Burst offers users a unique and satisfying brushing experience.

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Quick Summary:

  • The Burst electric toothbrush delivers premium features at an affordable price point.
  • Enjoy an outstanding one-month battery life.
  • Experience a deep clean with sonic technology, surpassing conventional electric toothbrushes.
  • Benefit from 3 cleaning modes, a 2-minute timer, and a quad pacer.
  • Lifetime warranty (with subscription plan) ensures peace of mind.
  • Charcoal bristles offer some advantages, but safety concerns remain.
  • Subscription service is mandatory upon purchase, but it can be canceled at any time.

What Makes the Burst Electric Toothbrush Special?

The Burst electric toothbrush offers premium value at budget prices!

It’s a sleek, elegant model with charcoal bristles that offers excellent battery life alongside great performance at cleaning and whitening teeth.

Charcoal Bristles

The Burst Sonic toothbrush is equipped with specially formulated charcoal-infused bristles that absorb teeth stains and eliminate bacteria. Our research has shown that these bristles are gentle on gums while effectively removing plaque.

The flexible and contoured bristles of the Burst brush head easily reach into gaps and along the gum line.

With a lifespan of 4 months, Burst brush heads last longer than those of other brands, resulting in greater convenience and savings in the long term.

Sonic Cleaning Action

The Burst toothbrush utilizes sonic technology, vibrating at a faster rate than traditional electric toothbrushes. This technology, combined with fluid dynamics, efficiently pushes toothpaste and water into the gaps between teeth and gums.

This thorough cleaning process protects against cavities and gingivitis, ensuring optimal oral health.

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Other Advantages of Burst Electric Toothbrushes

  • Enjoy a lifetime warranty through Burst’s subscription service.
  • The toothbrush boasts a one-month battery life, requiring only a single overnight charge.
  • The tapered multi-length charcoal bristles provide an efficient and thorough cleaning experience.
  • Benefit from three cleaning modes: Whiten, Sensitive, and Massage (for gums).
  • The two-minute timer ensures optimal brushing, while the 30-second interval pacer reminds you to move to the next quadrant of your mouth.
  • Conveniently charge the toothbrush with its USB charger or charging dock.
  • The built-in pressure sensor ensures a safe and gentle brushing experience.
  • Subscribe to the regular brush head delivery service for hassle-free maintenance.

Burst Electric Toothbrush Review : A Quick Recap

For those seeking a high-quality electric toothbrush at an affordable price, the Burst Sonic toothbrush is a compelling option.

  • The toothbrush boasts a full month of battery life on a single charge, making it convenient for extended trips.
  • While the toothbrush did not have a significant teeth-whitening effect, it did not cause any noticeable abrasion or sensitivity.
  • Some users may find the bristles too soft for effective tongue cleaning.
  • The mandatory subscription service, which can be canceled at any time, ensures that users always have fresh brush heads to maintain enamel health.

Pros of Burst Electric Toothbrush

  • The Burst toothbrush features an attractive and modern design.
  • The toothbrush delivers impressive battery life.
  • The sonic technology provides a thorough and efficient cleaning experience.
  • Multiple modes, such as Whiten, Sensitive, and Massage, cater to various brushing preferences.
  • The toothbrush has an automatic turn-off feature after 2 minutes to promote optimal brushing time.
  • Burst brush heads last for 4 months, providing long-lasting and cost-effective maintenance.
  • Conveniently subscribe to the replacement brush head service for regular and hassle-free maintenance.
  • The built-in pressure sensor ensures a safe and gentle brushing experience.
  • Enjoy a lifetime warranty through Burst’s subscription service.

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Cons of Burst Electric Toothbrush

  • Some users may find that the charcoal bristles are not suitable for their needs.
  • The purchase of the brush requires signing up for a subscription, which may not be ideal for everyone.
  • The bristles may not be firm enough to effectively clean the tongue for some users.
  • The toothbrush is not among the smallest on the market. Occasionally users have reported difficulty in cleaning back teeth due to the brush size.

Price – And Where To Buy

The Burst Sonic toothbrush kit can be purchased directly from Burst’s website.

Alternatively, you can pick it up on an e-commerce website like Amazon.

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The kit includes a Burst Sonic toothbrush, a USB charging dock, and one brush head. Customers have the option to choose from five different color options: black, white, rose gold, lavender, and berry.

At checkout, customers will be notified of the subscription service, which includes a modestly priced delivery of a replacement brush head every 12 weeks.

This ensures that users can maintain optimal oral health with fresh bristles regularly. If it isn’t suitable, you can cancel at any time.

Safety of Charcoal Toothbrushes

There isn’t enough evidence to determine whether charcoal toothbrushes are safe or not. People with sensitive teeth should be cautious due to the charcoal’s abrasiveness.

Many dentists are hesitant to endorse charcoal in oral care, citing concerns about abrasiveness and safety. As a result, the American Dental Association has not granted its Seal of Acceptance to charcoal-based dental products.

Despite these concerns, the use of charcoal in oral care dates back to ancient times, and some studies suggest that it has antimicrobial properties that can remove plaque and stains.

One study in 2018 found that brushing with charcoal bristles for a week reduced bacterial growth by half compared to those who didn’t use them. Another study in 2019 found that charcoal-infused bristles removed more plaque than traditional nylon bristles.

Burst vs. Sonicare: A Comparison


When compared to Sonicare toothbrushes, the Burst electric toothbrush fares well. Both are sonic toothbrushes, but the Burst outperforms many Sonicare models in three areas.

Let’s compare the Burst Sonic toothbrush to Sonicare toothbrushes.

  • When it comes to battery life, the Burst Sonic toothbrush wins with a four-week life on a single charge.
  • The Burst also has a higher BPM (33,000) compared to Sonicare’s 31,000.
  • Additionally, the cost of brush heads is lower for the Burst compared to Sonicare ProtectiveClean 4100.

Is the Burst 1000 Toothbrush Right for You?

If you’re searching for an affordable toothbrush with premium features and an attractive design, the Burst electric toothbrush could be an excellent option for you.

However, if you have weak enamel, you may want to consider alternative toothbrushes.

Additionally, if you don’t prefer subscription services, the mandatory subscription service of Burst might be a drawback. Nevertheless, it’s worth mentioning that the subscription service can be canceled anytime.

Burst Electric Toothbrush Review : Our Verdict


The Burst electric toothbrush offers a premium feel without the premium price tag.

It is a reliable brush that offers exceptional value for its range of impressive features. Its long-lasting battery life makes it ideal for travel.

Subscription purchase comes with a lifetime warranty and regular replacement brush heads, further enhancing the value of the toothbrush.


  • Attractive design
  • Superb battery life
  • Sonic technology
  • Multiple modes
  • Automatic 2-minute shut-off
  • Brush heads last up to 4 months
  • Subscription for replacement brush heads
  • Built-in pressure sensor
  • Lifetime warranty (with subscription)

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  • Charcoal bristles may not suit some users
  • Subscription required to purchase brush
  • Soft bristles may not effectively clean tongue
  • Not the smallest brush available
  • Lacks ADA Seal of Acceptance
  • Size may make it difficult to clean back teeth for some users

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