Quip Electric Toothbrush Review

Quip electric toothbrush review : A sleek, elegant, attractive new toothbrush that’s affordably priced and comes with a convenient subscription model.

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Maybe you’ve noticed the wide variety of electric toothbrushes available on the market. A new entrant is the Quip electric toothbrush, which stands out due to its stylish design.

A slim brush handle is available in multiple attractive colors. In addition, Quip offers a convenient subscription plan that ensures you never run out of brush heads.

But is the Quip toothbrush the right choice for you?

In this Quip electric toothbrush review, we’ll explore the advantages and disadvantages of Quip, as well as compare it to similar options such as this Philips Sonicare 4100 review and the Fairywill electric toothbrush.

Quip is an affordable electric toothbrush brand that incorporates various beneficial features into its sleek design. It’s a sonic toothbrush that uses gentle but powerful vibrations to effectively clean your teeth.

Studies have shown that sonic brushes are better at removing plaque than oscillating brush heads (the round type that spins).

What Makes The Quip Electric Toothbrush Special?

how to use an electric toothbrush
Here are some reasons why the Quip electric toothbrush prioritizes convenience and simplicity to encourage proper brushing techniques:

  • The Quip brush features a comfortable and attractive design that encourages regular use.
  • It comes equipped with a built-in two-minute timer that encourages effective brushing and ensures you brush for the recommended length of time.
  • The Quip toothbrush runs on a cordless, non-rechargeable AAA battery that lasts for up to three months, eliminating the need for constant charging.
  • The gentle sonic vibrations and soft bristles of the Quip toothbrush are ideal for people with sensitive teeth.
  • Quip offers a convenient subscription service that delivers a replacement head and battery every three months. Additionally, they offer options for other supplies as well.
  • The Quip Smart Brush rewards app offers personalized tips, reminders, and incentives to encourage good brushing habits.

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Quip Electric Toothbrush Review

The Quip electric toothbrush offers a sleek and compact design that differentiates it from other battery-powered brushes. Despite being affordable and user-friendly, this electric toothbrush guarantees the same level of cleanliness as pricier models.

However, if the aesthetics of your dental hygiene products aren’t a priority, then a regular toothbrush can provide an equivalent level of cleanliness.

Brands such as Oral-B Pro 1000 produce bulkier models of battery-powered toothbrushes that are less expensive and provide comparable results.

To help you determine whether the Quip electric toothbrush is right for you, here are some pros and cons to consider.

Pros of Quip Electric Toothbrush

  • Affordable price with a lot of features
  • Attractive design with an intuitive interface
  • Available in a variety of colors with plastic and metal handle versions
  • Streamlined design ideal for travel purposes
  • Suitable for electric toothbrush newbies due to lower frequency vibrations
  • Complimentary travel case serves as a toothbrush holder that can stick to flat surfaces
  • Built-in timer for good brushing habits
  • 3-month battery life for long-term usage
  • Subscription customers receive a lifetime warranty for the brush handle.

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Cons of Quip Electric Toothbrush

  • Manual toothbrushes are affordable and effective with proper brushing technique
  • Adult-sized brush heads may not be suitable for individuals with smaller mouths
  • Replacement brush heads and batteries for Quip can be more expensive in the long run when compared to battery-powered drugstore brushes.
  • Absence of a pressure sensor to prevent injury to teeth and sensitive gums.

How Quip Toothbrushes Work

Quip toothbrushes feature a powerful but gentle vibrating motion that effectively cleans teeth.

They are equipped with additional features that set them apart from other toothbrushes, such as a two-minute timer that pauses every 30 seconds, reminding users to switch to another quadrant of their mouth.

This feature encourages effective brushing, as most people only brush their teeth for an average of 45 seconds.

Quip’s toothbrush vibrates at 15,000 brush strokes per minute, which is higher than cheaper toothbrushes but lower than more expensive Sonicare ProtectiveClean models that clock in at 31,000.

The American Dental Association (ADA) approves the Quip electric toothbrush and recommends brushing for two minutes to achieve effective oral hygiene.

The price of a Quip starter kit is refreshingly low.

Quip offers a subscription service billed every three months, depending on the items ordered. The most expensive items are the gum and mouthwash. A replacement brush head and battery cost $5, and adding floss and toothpaste brings the total to $15.

A starter set of a large plastic brush and toothpaste is automatically replaced every three months.

The Quip electric toothbrush is a stylish yet affordable option for those who are not satisfied with conventional electric brushes.

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Comparison of Quip and Other Toothbrush Brands

The electric toothbrush market is highly competitive, with many brands vying for a share of the market. Quip is a popular brand that offers many unique features.

Here’s how Quip compares to other brands in the same price range.

Quip vs. Philips Sonicare

Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 4100
Philips Sonicare is a well-known brand in the toothbrush industry, and the Philips One battery-powered toothbrush is their answer to Quip’s sleek design.

The Philips One toothbrush shares several similarities with Quip, including price range for the plastic handle toothbrush.

Other features of the Philips One toothbrush include:

  • The Philips One toothbrush has the same price point as Quip’s plastic handle toothbrush
  • Available in various colors, the brush heads and streamlined handles of the Philips One toothbrush provide a range of options to choose from
  • A compact travel case is included with the toothbrush to make it travel-friendly
  • The two-minute timer with 30-second notifications helps users brush their teeth effectively
  • The toothbrush runs on one AAA battery, which has a three-month battery life
  • The Philips One toothbrush provides 13,000 brush strokes per minute, which is slightly lower than Quip electric toothbrush 15,000 brush strokes per minute
  • Unlike Quip, Philips One does not offer a subscription refill plan.

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Quip vs Oral-B

Oral-B is a well-known dental care brand that offers a range of electric toothbrushes.

Similar to Philips Sonicare and Quip, Oral-B produces affordable toothbrushes that cater to different needs. The Oral-B Pro 1000 toothbrush is a battery-powered option comparable to Quip’s electric toothbrush.

It offers these features:

  • An affordable price point of around $15, which is $10 less expensive than Quip’s cheapest model.
  • Comes with two AA batteries included for convenient use right out of the box.
  • Features a round, oscillating toothbrush head for thorough cleaning.
  • Equipped with a two-minute timer to help users brush for the recommended amount of time.
  • The base of the toothbrush is compatible with a variety of Oral-B replacement heads for versatile use.
  • Does not offer a subscription plan, providing flexibility for users to buy replacement brush heads as needed.

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Quip Electric Toothbrush Review : The Products

Quip is a dental care brand that offers various products, and based on our research, here are the products that we recommend:

The Quip Adult Electric Toothbrush

The Quip Adult Electric Toothbrush is ADA-Accepted and comes with a 2-minute timer.

It uses a single AAA battery, which is included, and has a multi-use travel cover that can be mounted to mirrors and glass. The cover protects the bristles and keeps them clean.

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Quip Custom Bundle

The Quip Custom Bundle includes an electric toothbrush and cover, mint-flavored anticavity toothpaste in 100% recyclable packaging, refillable gum dispenser with 90 pieces of sugar-free gum, and refillable floss string.

There are two types of brushes available, a plastic or a metal brush, with a choice of grip colors.

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Smart Custom Bundle

The Smart Custom Bundle comes with an all-white smart electric toothbrush that works with the Quip app to track your brushing habits in exchange for rewards.

It includes a refillable floss pick and mouthwash. There are metal brushes available in all-pink or all-black.

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Kids Custom Bundle

The Kids Custom Bundle is a plastic toothbrush with a brush head sized for children. It includes watermelon-flavored toothpaste and refillable floss string.

Various grip colors are available, including purple, green, pink, and blue.

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Kid Smart Custom Bundle

The Kid Smart Custom Bundle includes an all-yellow child-sized electric toothbrush compatible with the Quip app, watermelon-flavored toothpaste, and refillable floss string.

The brush color cannot be selected unless it’s yellow, and there is no metal option available.

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Quip Electric Toothbrush Review – Our Verdict

Quip electric toothbrush is affordable, easy to use, and attractively designed to appeal to those with a keen aesthetic sense.

While the manual brush is a cheaper alternative that works just as well, the slim and sleek design of Quip has won many admirers.

One of the unique selling points of a Quip electric toothbrush is its subscription model, which differentiates it from other brands in the same price range.

Quip’s convenient delivery of replacement brush heads and batteries to your doorstep makes it easy for users to maintain their dental hygiene without hassle.

Despite other brushes offering higher vibration rates or lower costs, Quip’s subscription plan ensures regular and timely replacements that keep your oral health on track.

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